Wednesday, March 22, 2006

The Story of the Jungle Rings - Gazumga Berries

This is a Draft. It is (c) 2006-2007 by G.Robin Smith - Everett WA.
"The Story of The Jungle Rings and The Gazumga Berries."

Gazumga Berries are very useful. They are also very tasty. You can make healing teas with them. You can treat many diseases with them. They grow on the Gazumga Berry Bush (of course). This is a story about the Gazumga Berries and how they helped push back a bad thing coming into The World.

There was poison coming into The Jungle. Many of The Animals tried to do what they could to stop it. It was discovered that Gazumga Berries helped stop the poison, but no one could manage to get enough to really make a big enough difference. The Olde Elephant, with one missing tusk and one tusk broken, scarred knees and slightly ripped ears, had lived a long, long time. He was wise and The Animals came often to hear his stories in The Clearing where he would sit, next to a little mound, watching The Sun set behind The Horizon.
One day, The Olde Elephant had an idea for how to stop the poison. He would gather many Gazumga Berries. More Gazumga Berries than had ever been gathered before. He would give them to The Ant Colonies, for The Ants go everywhere and can take The Gazumga Berries right to where the poisons are. The Olde Elephant believed his plan would work for it collected Gazumga Berries from all over The Jungle and The Savannah. It would work for it would connect many, many Animals rather than taking all of The Gazumga Berries from close by and taking one Animal all their Life to do this.

So he gathered 11 Gazumga Berries himself and gave them to The Ants. They put them into the poison places. It did some good but they needed many more to do their work.

So he asked 10 Lions to help. They each gathered 10 Gazumga Berries and gave them to The Ant Colonies and The Ants carried them everywhere they could, but soon ran out.

So The Olde Elephant asked his 10 Lions to go out and each find 9 Giraffes and have them each bring 9 Gazumga Berries and give them to The Ant Colonies. Each Lion only had to find 9 Giraffes. The Olde Elephant was able to find 10 Lions to help him. It certainly was possible, even easy, for each Lion to find just 9 animals to help them. The Lions found their 9 Giraffes each (90 Giraffes total) and the 90 Giraffes each brought just 9 Gazumga Berries. That is 810 Gazumga Berries that The Ants were able to distribute.

Then the Olde Elephant asked the 10 Lions to ask the 9 Giraffes to find, each of them, 8 Apes. He asked The Lions to ask each of their 9 Giraffes to ask each of their 8 Apes to each bring 8 Gazumga Berries and give them to The Ant Colonies. So, the 720 Apes each brought 8 Gazumga Berries (5,760 Gazumga Berries total).

Then the 720 Apes were asked to find 7 Leopards each (5,040 Leopards total) who each would bring 7 Gazumga Berries (35,280 Gazumga Berries total). They did this and The Ants were very busy. This was more Gazumga Berries than they had ever seen all at once. The Ants, and all The Animals helping, were very happy. But The Olde Elephant asked for them to do a little more.

The 5,040 Leopards were asked to find 6 Frogs each (30,240 total) and to have The Frogs each bring 6 Gazumga Berries (181,440 Gazumga Berries total). Remember, The 5,040 Leopards were not asked to find 30,240 Frogs. Each Leopard was just asked to find 6 Frogs each. It’s just when you have that many Leopards (5,040 Leopards) each looking for 6 Frogs, The Numbers get very big, very fast. That is the strength of Numbers.

The Jungle and The Savannah were very busy with chatter with the news of The Gazumga Berry Gathering. Some were worried about shortages, but there were none. Only some Gazumga Berries were being taken from many, many places. There were still plenty of Gazumga Berries for everyone. It was an exciting time and no Animal was asked to do more than The Animal that talked to them about joining The Gathering. It seemed very fair and not too much work for anyone, except The Ants, and The Ants liked The Work.

Once the 30,280 Frogs were through taking their 181,440 Gazumga Berries to The Ant Colonies, the 30,240 Frogs each found 5 Tigers (151,200 total) who each brought 5 Gazumga Berries (756,000 Gazumga Berries total) to The Ant Colonies.

The 151,200 Tigers then each found 4 Toucans each (604,800 Toucans total) who each brought 4 Gazumga Berries (2,419,200 Gazumga Berries total) to The Ant Colonies.

The 604,800 Toucans each found 3 Bats each (1,814,400 total) who each brought 3 Gazumga Berries (5,443,200 Gazumga Berries total) to The Ant Colonies.

The 1,814,400 Bats each found 2 Rhinocerii (3,628,800 Rhinocerii total) who each brought 2 Gazumga Berries (7,257,600 Gazumga Berries total)

The 3,628,800 Rhinocerii each found 1 Gazelle each (3,628,800 Rhinocerii found 3,628,800 Gazelles) who each brought just 1 Gazumga Berry (3,628,800 Gazumga Berries.)

And that is all.

11 Gazumga Berries added to 100 added to 810 added to 5,760 added to 35,280 added to 181,440 added to 756,000 added to 2,419,200 added to 5,443,200 added to 7,257,600 added to 3,628,800 Gazumga Berries is 19,728,200 Gazumga Berries that were given to The Ant Colonies. The Ant Colonies distributed them to where the poison lay all over The Jungle.

That was more Gazumga Berries than anyone had ever seen at one time in The World of The Jungle and The Savannah. But The Animals noticed that there was no shortage of Gazumga Berries. All of the places still had many Gazumga Berries. Also, no one’s life was disturbed too much by the work… except for The Ants, who were very, very busy carrying The Gazumga Berries. But they were happy, for The Ants like to be busy carrying things, so everyone was happy. The poison was driven back a good way and The Animals began telling The Story of The Gathering of Animals to their Young.

It was The Young who would look for why the poison came into their World. And it is The Young who may yet stop the poison from entering into the World at all.

The Olde Elephant was very pleased. He sat in The Clearing next to the little mound and watched The Sun go down past The Horizon. A pink Monkey came into The Clearing. She came to The Olde Elephant and, without fear, sat next to The Olde Elephant and laid her head onto his big, wrinkly knee. The Pink Monkey said “The poison seems to be driven back some.”
“Yes” said The Olde Elephant.
“It seems many, many Animals brought many, many, many Gazumga Berries to give to The Ant Colonies” said The Pink Monkey.
“It seems that is what has happened. The Ants did a fine job. Many Animals helped. I helped a little, although I only brought 11 Gazumga Berries myself. That is a very, very small number.”
“Olde Elephant?”
“My Son, your friend, who lies here under that mound, he would not think it was a very small number.”
“I do not know” said The Olde Elephant.
“I do” said The Pink Monkey. “I do know it.” And with that, she kissed his wrinkly knee and stood. She looked into The Olde Elephant’s eye. It was very wet with tears. “Many of our children will be able to play now longer than before. They will grow and look for answers. Many of all our children will. For them all, I thank you and all The Animals who helped.”
“We all just did a little bit. ‘Teamwork is the best work’ you know” said The Olde Elephant with a little smile that showed his missing tusk and his tusk that was broken.
“Good evening” said The Pink Monkey, stroking his torn ears. She then looked sadly at the little mound next to The Olde Elephant, blew a gentle kiss to it, and left the clearing.
“Good night” said The Olde Elephant. With that, he closed his eyes, laid his trunk over the little mound, and went to sleep.

That is the end of this tale. A tale of Numbers, of Teamwork, of many, many Creatures all doing just a little bit to help one another. See what can be done?

Good night.

-30-= ###

Numbers and Rules:
Now, if they had money and we expand the formulae by a level
& The Olde Elephant gave $21.11
and got 10 Lions to each give $20.10 each
& they got 9 Giraffes to give $19.09 each
& they got 8 Apes to give $18.08 each
& they got 7 Leopards to give $17.07 each
& they got 6 Frogs to give $16.06 each
& they got 5 Tigers to give $15.05 each
& they got 4 Toucans to give $14.04 each
& they got 3 Bats to give $13.03 each
& they got 2 Rhinocerii to give $12.02 each
& they got 1 Gazelle to give $11.01 each
& they got 1 Turtle to give $10.00 each
Do you know how much that would be?
That would be $154,854,493.01 (One Hundred Fifty Four Million, Eight Hundred and Fifty Four Thousand Four Hundred and Ninety Three Dollars and One Cent.) No one gives more than The Animal above them. No one gets more people involved than The Animal above them. Actually, each level gives One Dollar and One Cent less than The Animal above them. Each Animal gets one less Animal in the next Ring down than The Animal above them.
"What about The Turtles? They were not in The Story... we love Turtles but it wasn't necessary to make The Story longer to make its Point. They just round out our Formulae.

Love & Discipline. This is a story of Love. This is a plan of Love & Discipline.
Discipline means staying focused on the plan. Discipline is essential. Everyone must stay focused on the plan and do their part, nothing more, nothing less. As you have seen, the numbers get very big, very quickly. Abuse is possible. Discipline is essential so there is no disruption of any Jungle Communication System. Discipline is essential so no one can use this plan for personal gain, except personal satisfaction. If one of The Animals went crazy and started collecting ALL The Gazumga Berries they could and tried to get ALL of the other Animals they could to join, it is The Animal above them who would have to go to the crazy Animal and tell them "Thank you, but you are no longer part of my Ring." The Ants would be told not to count that Animal's Gazumga Berries, and The Animal above would have had to ask another Animal to join their Ring.

These are the Rules from The Olde Elephant.
These are followed by all who participate:

Rule 1) A Handwritten letter of introduction and invitation must be given or delivered from one Ring to the next Ring down. It must be handwritten and must not be copied. It must be to an Animal that is known by The Animal above. It is preferable if there is some Love & Respect between the two Animals. After that, email is fine.

Rule 2) The Animals did not tell everyone they knew about this. No Jungle Drums were used. It should be kept quiet. The Olde Elephant would rather have The Deed become known, not The Animals involved. It is the act that is important.

Rule 3) If an Animal gets contacted and already is in a Ring, they should simply respond "Thank you. I already have a Ring. Best of Fortunes, Safest of Journeys."

Rule 4) Rings can know who their direct line of contact is up the Ring Connection, but The Olde Elephant, nor any other Animal, needs or wants to know who ALL The Animals are. When done, there could be over 13 million Animals involved.

Rule 5) All Gazumga Berries are to be donated to The Ant Colonies (in other worlds, known as The Leukemia & Lymphoma Society through their Website for The Big Climb 2007). All monies go directly to The Ant Colonies (The LLS).

When you donate, look for "The 20,000 League". That will be our meeting place and be able to see how our pile of Gazumga Berries grows.

We do not ask you to donate more than your amount. Do not get more Animals for your Ring than you are supposed to, only make sure all of your Ring gets all of their Rings. Start your own Ring system if you wish. This Ring system must be disciplined or it could go weird. Try and keep all noise about this work to a minimum. 13 + Million Animals doing anything all at once can cause headaches. We are trying to help, not cause a riot or breakdown.

Rule 6) After this effort, the Rings goes to sleep. We may try and do something like this again for a worthy cause and you may be contacted by me again in a new effort, but it won't be often. If you get contacted by anyone who says "Send money to me personally" or "Bill Gates will give $10.00 for every dollar you give to me" or "my dog is going into surgery, send your donations to me" or "email everyone you know about this" etc., they are lying. Don't be stupid. This relies on your intelligence. That is why we use hand written letters for the first contact. That is why we only do this with Animals we know and have love and respect for. That is why this system diminishes with every step. It is designed to disappear and have limits. If we each do our little bit, it will change the World in a major way and no one gets bothered. I hope it changes The World for the better.

Rule 7) Enjoy being part of changing The World for the better.

Yours most sincerely, The Olde Elephant.